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"Art is a guarantee of sanity" Louise Bourgeois

6th February 2014 | by Christine Gist

Tempo Arts has recently been awarded funding from Hastings and St Leonards Foreshore Charitable Trust to expand on their programme of temporary visual arts projects and community events in St Leonards. Christine Gist, director of Tempo Arts and artist/curator will work with artists on new projects in The SPACE which link to St Leonards’ seafront and other areas of the town.

The first project in the 2014 series is ‘St Leonards Foundry’, a place-specific temporary work by Colin Priest, a London-based artist, architect and educator. His project will run from 13 March through 13 April. The launch event is Saturday 15 March from 12.00-2.00.

Tempo Arts also has a new logo designed by artist Sharon Haward.