Tom Cardew – #lockdownwander

Tom Cardew lives and works in London and Wales. He received an MA in Fine Art from Central St Martins in 2018 and has participated in arts projects and exhibited in the UK, Asia and mainland Europe. Tom works in storytelling in the form of fiction, film and performance, often mediating narratives of self through digital technologies from multi-screen installations to animation and sound.

#lockdownwander is a series of distant, digital ruminations created from the computer, where the artist has spent their year. The artist’s left hand, digitally severed, is set free to wander within the digital, as representation and reality in its own right, so as to contemplate and wonder through the medium of the wander. The hand, personified within the digital and the cartoon, re-presented through a series of images and gifs considers contemplation & reflection, sometimes through settings that are clichéd and stereotypical, and others more peripheral within the public realm, such as the space under a drain, or the back of a moving car.

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