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Some Images From Me To You
30th July 2015 | by Christine Gist

Tom Cardew
Some Images From Me To You
A photographic and moving image installation

Electro Studios Project Space – ESPS
17-19 July 2015

In this exhibition, an ensemble of four moving image works and one photographic installation containing 625 images enveloped the project space. The works explored the inseparably mundane and profane acts of living while questioning our voluntary recording and documenting everything that we do.
Cardew believes that we are addicted to consumption and have a persistent need of stimulation. We need images. Images allow us to synthetically feel what it is to live without actually having to move from our chair or crane our neck away from this light we currently gaze into.

This exhibition took place over the closing weekend of 012 a material platform for the materialist in you (you want it) Cardew’s large scale installation at The SPACE, St Johns Road, St Leonards.