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Alternate Legacies: Photographs
27th February 2017 | by Christine Gist

A selection of the photographs produced by Sharon Haward & Léonie Young featuring the objects & memorabilia from The Bridge workshop participants was exhibited in The Long Gallery, Hastings Museum & Art Gallery from 14 January-19 February 2017. 5,177 visitors had the opportunity to see the works & read the stories & memories associated with the photographs.

Seven large scale photo montages were installed on the outside of The Bridge Centre & a launch took place on 8 February. The photos will be visible to passers-by, local residents & Centre users throughout 2017. A selection of the photographs exhibited at the museum will be installed inside The Bridge Centre.

Workshop participants: Ron Bennett, Reg Benton, Tania Charman, Arline Daines, Dennis Daines, Sue Hadlow, Pauline Hyland, Joan Meleleu, Keith Meleleu, Val Riddle, Brenda Tindall, Moira Ward