Claudia Kappenberg:
The Hastings Book of the Earth – Funerals that have been and funerals yet to come

Reminiscent of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which laid out a journey through the underworld, The Hastings Book of the Earth explores what death means to the living in Hastings today, and reflects on the significance of rituals associated with death.

The book is an online project, a response to Covid-19 and produced whilst adhering to social distancing rules. It is comprised of an introduction and five parts which build on written contributions with images and sounds. It is organised by five journeys through locations and landscapes in Hastings.

Section 1 Earthing
Section 2 Passage making
Section 3 A wild wild night
Section 4 When I die
Section 5 This is not a ‘how to’

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Claudia Kappenberg lives in St Leonards. She is a performance and media artist with a background in dance and visual arts. In 2010 she co-founded the International Journal of Screendance and lectures in film, performance practices and screendance. Her work is concerned with systems: she tries to reveal their limitations or extend their potential. In a recent work ‘A Space Without A Use’ (NZ 2017, UK 2018/19) participants were given beakers filled to the brim with water to take around a space, slowing down their movements and inviting contemplation.

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