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Current Project – ARTIST BILLBOARD 2: Matthias Roth
1st September 2023 | by James Shea

Artist Billboard 2 (AB2) is the second edition of commissions by diverse internationally acclaimed artists on an outdoor billboard-like hoarding in the public realm at The SPACE, St John’s Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.

The works can be viewed from pavement and street level from dawn to dusk.

Dystopia by Matthias Roth is displayed from Summer till Winter 2023.

Matthias Roth lives in Berlin. Dystopia references a recent event in Bohemian Switzerland close to the Czech border in an area where huge wildfires destroyed forests which are suffering from dry weather conditions and an infestation of bark beetles.


Heritage Open Days

In September 2023, Dystopia and The SPACE were part of Heritage Open Days / Creativity Unwrapped 

Artist’s Performance

On Saturday 16 September 2023, Matthias Roth added to Dystopia in a short performance which added a message to the image spelled out in Bitumen Paint.

Dystopia will continue its dystopic path into the winter months.

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Dystopia has been realised with financial support from Hastings and St Leonards Foreshore Charitable Trust.