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1st November 2022 | by James Shea

A project informed by artists’ nomadic residencies in the Netherlands,

Majorca Italy & France


24 September – 30 November 2022

Médiathèque municipale de Moulle, 9 rue des Arts, 62910 Moulle, France

Artists: Michèle Atchadé • Amentia Brochard • Lizzie Coleman-Link

Madeleine Doré • Christine Gist • Valérie Morraja • Seeta Muller

Jean Louis Paquelin • Françoise Rod • Yvo van der Vat • Marcos Vidal

Organised by Christine Gist (Tempo Arts-UK) in collaboration with Seeta Muller (museeLab-France) and espace 36, France

in partnership with Médiathèque municipale de Moulle